Monday, December 1, 2008

Um, seriously? Is that really necessary?

Why is it that when children are playing with toys that are clothed (dolls, stuffed animals, Mr. Potato Head, etc), the first thing they do is strip the toy down?

Seriously, what is that about?


Kristi said...

what kind of kids are you raising ms. goble? i'm appalled.


i think they do it because they spend the first 3 years of their lives watching us strip them they are just mimicking us.

VikingMom said...

I think it's a reaction to their parents throwing their toys in the trash. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but I spent part of my day today organizing the play room and re-clothing dolls! I had the very same thought!!! Brandi

Heidi said...



That's the last time I go vulnerable on a blog post!


Sarah B. said...

Ha...I like Kristi's explanation. I use to think Ash had a problem because 5 min after she got the doll, Barbie, or whatever clothes were off. I would try and try to get her to keep the clothes on but nope, always off.

World of Wright said...

I wouldn't mind naked dolls so much if Barbie didn't have such great abs. Yeah...I'm a total Barbie HATER!

Brazenlilly said...

Well, I'd say it's Freudian of some sort, except when you include Mr. Potato head (which my son calls Tomato Head) it's much more innocent, since he has no private parts to speak of. (unless there is a dirty accessory pack I'm unaware of.)