Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Name is Heidi Goble and I.... am a Nerd.

Okay, I admit it.

I... am a total nerd.

And I'm totally okay with it. In fact - I embrace it.

Here are a few facts that support my claim:

I own every season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. I know them all by heart (I even know the title of each episode)

I LOVE anything science fiction or fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Vampires, Star Trek - it's all awesome).

My favorite birthday gift of all time (aside from sentimental family gifts, of course) is a complete set of blueprints to the The Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Baker Family - I will forever love you for that).

I love to talk about inconsistencies in movies such as X-Men, Wolverine, The Matrix, etc.

    My iPhone has both a Tricord app as well as a phaser app and I play with these apps on a regular basis.

    I incorporate jargon from Star Trek The Next Generation into my everyday conversations. For example, I will use sci-fi speak to describe every day things. (an example might be - instead of saying "there's a crack in my windshield," I will say - "hull integrity is down to 72%" - or I will refer to a flashlight as a palm beacon - or... instead of "going poo" I will say "jettison the core").


    Perhaps I've said too much....

    So go ahead.

    Roll your eyes at me.

    Shout out NerdAlert when I walk in the room.

    I can take it.

    But be careful...

    Resistance is Futile.

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    My Heart, My Hope...

    Her voice soothes my soul
    Her smile warms my heart
    Her laugh brightens the darkest of days
    When she sits with me and tells me everything about her day, I want to stop time so I can soak it all in
    When she sits with me and doesn’t say a word, my anxieties are quieted and all seems right with the world
    When she runs to me and gives me a hug, she reminds me of what’s really important
    When she runs to me with tears in her eyes, she fills me with purpose
    Her kindness has taught me so much
    Her gentleness overwhelms me
    Her ability to simply love without question moves me to tears and serves as an example of how I should love others
    She’s 8 years old
    She’s my daughter
    She’s my teacher
    She’s my world
    She’s my Hope…

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    MAXImum Misunderstanding

    So I'm standing at Costco next to my overflowing cart of freshly purchased groceries. Kurt had to run to the restroom, so I'm leaning against the wall next to the ATM waiting for him.

    A nice looking guy walks up to the ATM to make a transaction.

    I feel him looking in my direction (he's on the left of me, and we're only about 2 feet away from each other so my personal space alerm was beginning to buzz).

    I look up and see him looking at me - smiling.

    Hmmmm.... he's smiling.

    At me?

    I look to my right, there is no one there. I look back at him.

    He's still smiling at me.

    I smile back and then look away.

    I can't help it...

    I start sportin' a satisfied grin.


    I've still got it!

    Satisfied sigh....

    A few seconds pass - I can feel him still staring at me.


    The moment of flattery has passed - now it's a little awwwwwkward.

    I look him in the face - our eyes lock - and he's still smiling.

    But his smile has gone from a "Hey-you're-sorta-cute-in-a-mid-thirties-frumpy-wife-and-mom-kind-of-way" smile to a "Smirky-you're-an-idiot-if-you-think-I-was-smiling-at-you-cuz-you're-cute" kind of smile.

    I'm confused.

    He completes his transaction and continues to smirk at me as he walks past me and my overflowing grocery cart.

    And then I see it.

    You know how they don't put anything in bags at Costco? They just pile it in sideless, topless boxes?

    Well, in my cart, on the top of Mount GroshMore, sticking straight up for all of the world to see, basking in all of it's teal green glory....

    A jumbo sized box of Maxi pads.

    Oh yeah.

    I've definitely still got it.


    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Sometimes You Just Need to Watch I Love Lucy...

    I love this show.

    You should love it too.

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    The Howertons Need Our Help...

    I typically blog about lighthearted things - silly things - things that dont' really matter.

    But given what's going on in the Haiti right now, I want to use my blog to spread the word about an opportunity where we can help make a difference.

    There's an Orange County family trying to finalize the adoption of their son, Keanan in Haiti. Kristin (the mom) was in Haiti visiting him when the earthquake hit. They all survived and Kristen was evacuated but was forced to leave Keanan there. The Howertons are desperately trying to get him home and they need our help.

    (Kristin with her son Keanan and her daughter Karis - taken about an hour before the quake hit)

    In a crisis of this magnigtude, we often feel paralyzed by helplesness. The destruction is so overwhelming - the loss is so great.

    But here's an opportunity where WE CAN HELP!!!

    Please take a few moments to read the Howerton's blog - it provides details on what we can do to help them bring their precious boy home. It's easy - it takes very little time - and it will make a difference.
    Also, pass the word along to your friends so that they can help too. The blogging community is huge, and word spreads fast. Let's use it to affect change and get this family together! If you have a blog or if you are on Facebook, post the link to their blog so that you can pass the word to even more people.
    Here's the link to their blog:

    Don't pass on this opportunity to help this family...

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    I Think it's Perfectly Normal; Part XXVIII

    I have never had a massage and think
    the idea of getting one is utterly horrifying.

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    You can Stop Auditioning Now. No One is Hiring Village Idiots Anymore.

    What other people think of you is none of your business.
    I struggle so much with this statement - but it's totally true.

    And seriously - isn't it just better to not know? I mean, what if the person thinks you're an idiot?
    Why would you want to know that? Isn't life hard enough WITHOUT knowing that someone thinks you're an idiot?

    And see the real problem is that knowing someone thinks you're an idiot is never enough.
    We have to know WHY they think it. We have to know what we did that was so aggregious to make this person think we're an idiot.
    And of course we're not going to ask them becuase it might make us feel even worse! So WE come up with the reason they think we're an idiot (without actually involving them in the conversation).

    And THEN, as if that wasn't enough, we try to alter our personality/behavior to please this person who thinks we're an idiot (even though we're not really sure WHY they think we're an idiot) so that they won't think we're an idiot anymore.

    And of course the real problem with THAT logic is, what if THEY'RE the idiot?
    What if we're totally fine - and we change ourselves so that the idiot will like us when in reality THEY'RE the one who is totally jacked up?
    We start acting just like the idiot so that the idiot won't think we're an idiot anymore, and then all our normal, non-idiot friends will dump us like radioative waste.

    And WHY? Because we're being an idiot!



    So do we really need to know what someone else thinks of us?

    (whispered pathetically, with head lowered) YES.... Yes, unfortunately, I feel compelled to know - especially when I think the person doesn't like me.

    But I'm working on it.
    I realize that I'm probably the only person in the world who gets all worked up worrying about what people may or may not think of them.... do you think I'm crazy? You do, don't you?
    Great! YOU think I'm crazy!
    See how these things get started?

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Christmas Confession; Part V

    I have never seen
    It's a Wonderful Life.