Monday, December 8, 2008

I think it's perfectly normal; Part XIII

I love to walk down Main street (at Disneyland) when everyone is lined up for the parade and wave to them like I'm walking the red carpet.

And I don't do the whole celebrity wave either. You know, the whole elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist thing.

No, no.

You have to get a happy, dreamy, far-off expression on your face, make sure that you're lit nicely (lighting that gives off a soft filter sort of look is preferred; it helps to look at the lights - not directly into them, but just off to the right or left of them), stick your arm straight up and out (like a 45 degree angle) and move your hand from left to right.

And then count how many people wave back.

You know you've fooled them into thinking you're something of a big deal when they lean over to their friends, say something very excitedly, point at you and then wave back with expressions of great awe on their faces.

Hey, don't knock it.

It's entertaining and it's free (Well, it's only free at Disney if you have a Disney pass - but this can be done at ANY parade).


VikingMom said...

Next time when we go to Dland with you (you know--many a blue moon from now) I'll let you and Billy walk down Main Street and wave. I'll crouch in the shadows and pretend I don't know you.

Brazenlilly said...

I'm sure it doesn't hurt that you look like you could be one of the princesses! Or they are just saying to their children "Smile and wave at that poor crazy lady, kids."

Jennifer LeTourneau said...

You're so funny...and I agree with you that it's perfectly normal! I think we should hang out...I, too, enjoy marching down Main St. waving while my family runs away from me in embarrassment. It's my only way to get some alone time really!

World of Wright said...

I wanna be you when I grow up.

Rick said...

Laurel--I'm with you about the parade thing. I would write this on your blog about the toilet seat, but I owe Heidi for commenting about the gum blog on Kristy's blog. While I'm at it, Kristy, what with stools and wet legs and all I think we are a little too caught up in bodily functions. I have to listen to that all day from teenage boys.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

lol! I think I did this when I was I think I am too "mature" to get away with it.

But your post makes me long for my "crazier days".....
maybe next week I'll try that maneuver