Monday, March 31, 2008

Our House....

We moved into this house in July of 2004. It was gross. Kurt has worked liked a maniac to fix it.
Here's a little photo journal of what our house used to look like.

This is the Living Room. Note the green carpet pulled up over the hearth. We didn't know there was a hearth there.

This is the Trippy Fireplace and Mantle - and look at that! There was a hearth under all that carpet! Brilliant.

Here is the Bizarre wall that we ripped out. this is the first thing you would see when you walked in the front door. It made no sense whatsoever.This is the "Room" created by the Bizarre Wall

View of Bizarre Wall from Living Room (I hope that you're getting the idea that I really hated this wall).

Here's the Kitchen. The house had lots of dark green. It was everywhere. Dark green carpet, dark green tile in the kitchen and master bath, dark green dots in the kitchen-floor linoleum, dark green valances on the windows. I don't have pictures of the outside of the house, but it was white with dark green trim. Oh, and then for something extra special, there were dark green drips going down the entire back wall (over the white) and dark green drips all over the stairs and the driveway. There's nothing wrong with dark green. Unless your husband hates it. Mine did...

Kithchen view from the other side

This is the Master Bedroom. The previous owners wanted to spruce the place up to sell it so they decided to paint. Instead of rolling the walls, he used a paint sprayer. Oh - and he also thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and use the paint sprayer without covering up the nasty green carpet. That "dust" you see in the corner is paint. Brilliant.

Doors going into Master Bath (note the see through glass; so classy)

This is the Master Bathroom. You may not be able to tell in the picture, but the paint was bright orange (it was like this in the Master Bedroom as well - you know, the "dust" all over the nasty green carpet). "Taracotta" I believe was it's name. As in Taracotta pots. Or as in, Taracotta notta good choice for interior decorating. Yes, our master bedroom and bathroom looked like a giant clay teracotta pot. Nice.

Oh, and the peel and stick linoleum times were hot too. I have nothing against peel and stick linoleum. But I do have something against idiots who can't put it in straight and leave big black gaps between each piece. You're left wondering how many times one had to step on that gap to make it all black like that. And then you begin wondering how many times you will have to wash your feet to get it off your feet when you step in it.

This is the bathub in the Master Bath. You can't really see it in this picture, but it was really grimey. Yeah. We used it for our paintbrushes.

So, this last Saturday marked the completion of our house. Over the last 4 years, Kurt has done a LOT:

  • Built a new fireplace
  • Installed custom shutters throughout the entire house (blinds in the bedrooms)
  • Installed new baseboards throughout the whole house
  • Completely gutted the master bathroom and re-did it (everything except the shower)
  • Built custom closets for all three bedrooms
  • New tile (splashback) throughout the entire kitchen
  • Installed Pergo flooring in the kitchen (which later had to be replaced because the dishwasher leaked into the floor and ruined everything)
  • Installed new dishwasher
  • Installed new garbage disposal
  • Built a loft in the garage for extra storage
  • Redid the floor in the kids' bathroom
  • Painted the outside of the house
  • Re-did all the landscaping

He's a stud.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a good thing I'm not a betting woman...


Don't say I didn't warn you...

Wow... the bottom three didn't look much like I thought it would. I'm not a fan of Syesha - but I thought she did a good job this week and really didn't deserve to be in the bottom three. It's time for Christie to go - she bugs. Smart though. Who's going to vote off someone who sang God Bless the USA?
And my favorite contestant in the Bottom Three?! What's that about? I guess I should start voting...

Did you feel the earthquake?

Happened at approximately 9:30 tonight - only a 3.1 (although I thought it felt bigger than that!) - centered near Newport Beach.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Prediction for the Bottom Three

Of the three, I think Ramiele will get the boot.

After tonight's performances, I think the final two will come down to these guys - I don't know yet which one I think will win. But I believe it will definitely be one of them.

Jason Castro is still my favorite - and if he ever makes an album, I'll totally buy it; but I don't think he's as strong as Michael Johns or David Cook.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

If Chocolate Bunnies Could Talk

An oldie but a goodie...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Laughs from Lost

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom...

Kind of a tough day for me. It's my Mom's birthday. For those of you who may not know me very well, my mom passed 6 years ago. So every year, when her birthday comes around, it's hard on me. Truthfully, there are a lot of days throughout the year when her death is harder to deal with: Mother's Day, my kids' birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas - the list goes on. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and miss her - but some days it's more intense than others. Jack's birthday is especially difficult because she never got to meet him. That's so strange to me. In my heart I feel as though she knows him - but it's not the same.

She got to know Hope - and for that I'm so grateful. When she was first diagnosed with cancer, I was about 3 months pregnant with Hope. The doctors told my mom that she only had weeks to live. But my mom just flat out said, "No. I'm not going to miss this baby being born." That's how Hope got her name.
And my mom got to share in Hope's first year.

Jack knows who his Grandma is - we show him pictures and tell him how Grandma Rekstad is in Heaven. Someday he'll understand what that means and know what an amazing woman she was.

I'm thankful because I know my Mom's eternity is secured. She's with Christ now. I know that should be enough... But, there are days when - even though I know she's with Christ - that I'm more in touch with the fact that she's not with me. I'm ashamed to admit this, but there are times when I'm jealous of people who still have their Moms around. It's such a gift - and it's a gift that is so easily taken for granted. I know I took it for granted. I'm sad when I think of the time I wasted arguing with her or being upset with her. But I'm thankful that during the last few years of her life we spent time talking with each other on the phone every single day; and throughout the last year of her life, I spent almost every weekend at my Mom & Dad's house (Hope came with me - which was great because my Mom got to spend so much time with her). I'm sad that she can't experience watching Hope grow up - or getting to know Jack. But then I'm happy because I know that she's not suffering anymore. I'll never forget the day that she realized she couldn't hold Hope anymore because she was afraid she would have a seizure and drop her. Watching the agony of that realization come across her face is something I'll never forget - and I'm so thankful that she's not in that kind of pain anymore.

She would quote this verse from one of her favorite songs a lot during that last year and I think about it a lot now.
There are things about tomorrow
That I don’t seem to understand.
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand.

She had a tremendous faith.

She was a great lady. I wish you all could have known her. She had more purses than anyone alive. She couldn't go to Costco or WalMart without buying at least one movie - even one she knew she'd probably never watch (about 85% of them she never even opened). She could sew better than anyone I know. She made a lot of my clothes growing up - she even made clothes for all my Barbie Dolls. She loved spice drops (those little sugary gum drop candies). She would never pass on an opportunity to go shopping at the Orange County Swap Meet. She had more tubes of lipstick than 5 women combined (but she only wore one color). Her favorite place was Cannon Beach in Oregon. Every year at Christmas she wore the craziest Christmas sweaters and they got more and more elaborate every year. She loved the rain. She made the best Spritz cookies I've ever had - and she only made them at Christmas time. She loved white cake with white frosting and would often bake one "just to have." She loved to go to Disneyland at Christmas time so she could see all the decorations. Her favorite mall was South Coast Plaza. She couldn't buy a birthday gift for one of her grandchildren without getting all of them "just a little something so they won't feel left out." She loved to just "go for a drive" to no particular destination. She was a nurse for over 30 years. She loved her family. Her family was (and still is) very proud of her.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you and I miss you...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My pick for American Idol

I don't know if he'll win - but he's totally my favorite.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm hooked. Again...

I go through cycles of addiction with my TV watching. Star Trek, The Next Generation (ALWAYS a fave of mine), I Love Lucy, Frasier and Just Shoot Me to name a few. Raise a glass to DVR ladies and gentlemen (one of the greatest inventions known to man). But, lately, I've found myself returning to the old tried and true: Little House on the Prairie. And I'm such a sap. I cry at almost every episode. I watched it like 4 times a day when I was pregnant with Jack and stuck home on bed rest and sobbed like a baby every time it was on (especially the James & Cassandra two parter where SPOILER ALERT - their parents die in an horrific wagon accident and they go to live with these abusive foster parents and then Charles and Caroline take them in because they feel that love will keep them alive and it doesn't matter that they don't have enough money or a big enough house). Of course, at the time I was great with child (I've never understood that phrase - there is nothing great about being so huge that your ankles have their own zip code) so I was sobbing about everything anyway. But even now - with the pregnancy hormones being nothing more than a wretched memory - I still get all choked up about this show. There's just something about Charles kicking someone's butt and then crying about his family. It simply does not get old... Even Kurt doesn't complain about this show (he often shares his little editorials while I'm watching my programs - especially if it's an I Love Lucy episode). But the only comment he makes when I watch Little House is: "Dude, you just don't mess with Charles." Oh - he also says "Shut up Carrie." (he sort of thinks that the Carrie character is unnecessary).... And it's also a bit of a compulsion. He honestly can't help himself. I keep telling him that there are 12 step programs out there that can help him through this - but he's not having any of it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Okay, not to swipe Jon's "Funny/Not Funny" premise - but this is how things went down at the Goble house tonight.

Good idea: Jack deciding that he want to brush his teeth.
Bad idea: Jack deciding that he wants to brush the cat's teeth.

Good idea: Hope deciding that she wants to play treasure hunt and use her play-dough as the treasure.
Bad idea: Hiding the play-dough (out of the container) and forgetting where she hid it (but she's pretty sure it was on the carpet somewhere).

Good idea: Jack taking a bath and playing with all of his groovy bath toys
Bad idea: Me turning my back for a second and Jack drinking a big mouthful of that yummy, filthy bath water.

Good idea: Me deciding that I'm going to go to bed early and catch up on my sleep.
Bad idea: Checking my blog real quick and ending up on the computer for 2 more hours before finally calling it a night.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I just wanted to comment again that this is the coolest show on TV. And I'm totally Lost. And seriously, if I ever meet the guy who plays Ben, I'm pretty sure I will run away and hide.


Hope is such a sweet little girl. We went to the park last night for a picnic. Kurt and I took turns eating so that one of us could chase Jack as he ran around like a wild man. Hope & Kurt ate first and then it was my turn. I was sitting at the table eating dinner and Hope was sitting across from me. I noticed that she was looking out at the playground with this wistful expression on her face. I knew she wanted to go play and didn't know what was holding her back. I told her to go play and she looked at me and said in this tiny little voice, "I don't want to." I asked her why and her chin started to quiver and her eyes got real big as she said "Because I don't want you to be alone Mommy." I was so blown away by that... that she would just sit there waiting with me because she didn't want me to be alone. I told her to just go play - that I'd be just fine and would be along in a couple of minutes. She looked at me like "are you sure?" But then she just smiled this huge smile and said "thanks mommy!" and ran off. It doesn't sound like much - but it made me so, so happy. My silly, sweet little girl...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was a rough day. I am part of a group called Vistage - phenominal experience - but excruciating at times. You are part of a group of Executives from other companies (there are thousands of Vistage groups/members worldwide). You get together once a month and work through issues that you are dealing with in your place of business. It's a tough process. Invigorating - and totally draining all at the same time. You present your issue - and then everyone in the group starts asking questions. No question is off limits - you must answer (without getting defensive as that destroys the purpose of the exercise) - and the group is not allowed to offer up any solutions (that comes later). Imagine yourself in a room of 20 other executives and they're all firing questions at you. It's like nothing I've ever experienced. The more questions they ask you, the more you answer. The more you answer - they more they ask. The purpose of course is to get to to the root of the issue; more often than not the issue you're presenting is symptomatic of something bigger. That isn't always the case - but for me, it usually is. This goes on for several minutes - then the group begins giving you advice. After that, you make your commitments - specific actions you will take between now and next month's meeting that propel you toward solving your issue.

I've been with the group for over a year and they have worked several of my issues; and each time I've come away tired but energized. I've executed plan in both my personal and professional life based on the advice of this group of people and have seen dramatic changes because of it. I've yet to have a bad experience - but today was by far the toughest issue I've had. These people are amazing - brilliant, successful, insightful, genuine - and tough as nails. As I said before, no question is off limits because absolute truth is required to get to the root of the issue. It's hard to be totally open, totally raw in a room full of very strong, very successful business men and women. Don't get me wrong - it's a totally safe environment. I have never once felt attacked, exploited - anything like that. I know that the intent of every single person in that room is to help the person with the issue. But the process still sucks.

I came away really run down - and had to hurry home so that I could go to vocal rehearsal. I was so beat - so drained emotionally and mentally. But then I got to rehearsal - and got to spend time with people that I love so much; people who encourage me just by being themselves. And all of a sudden I didn't feel so beat down - so discouraged. I felt loved - I felt welcome - I felt better. I'm thankful for the people God has put in my life: friends, family, co-workers, Vistage members. But I'm especially thankful right now for my friends - you make my life so much richer. And to Kristi - you mean the world to me - thank you so much for walking with me through this valley.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sing along!

Don had a picture on his blog today from Haley's birthday party last year and I remembered that I had this little video clip. That day was really a lot of fun...

Just Keepin' It Real...


Friday, March 7, 2008

Hi. I'm Heidi and I'm boring.

Many of you have really cool blogs. They're funny. Clever. Pithy. Witty. I go to your blogs with the hope that I will be thoroughly entertained and I am seldom disappointed. And then there's my blog... The authority on Springfield and Snot Spots.
For those of you who know me, you know that I am rarely speachless. So why is it that I can never think of anything to write about? Not a lot goes on in my life... I'm actually really happy about that - but it makes me a less than average blogger.

So what should I write about? Should I write about the mom I yelled at in the parking lot of a Starbucks yesterday morning because she left her newborn baby alone in the car for over 5 minutes? Idiot.

Or should I write about the fact that Lost is the coolest show ever and I'm almost as afraid of Ben as I am of clowns?
Oooh - can you imagine: Ben dressed up as a clown? I think if that happened I'd have to give up watching Lost. No clowns. Clowns are bad. BAD.
Hmmmm..... Who's scarier? Ben or the clown? Dude - it's totally the clown. I have to go now. I have to switch on every light in the entire house because scary clowns like to hide in the dark so they can jump out and kill you. Clowns like the dark. Clowns like it when you go to sleep. Musn't fall asleep. Clowns get you when you sleep. Can't sleep.... Clowns will eat me.