Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still no memories of me...

My quest to be remembered by the staff at Starbucks is ongoing (click here for the backstory)...

It appeared as though I had made a breakthrough on Monday. I was late for work and really wasn't thinking about my anonymity issues. I was torn because I knew I was about to be late for a meeting with my boss, but the thought of facing that meeting without coffee was unfathomable.

So I breeze into Starbucks and stand in line fully expecting to be greeted in the same emotionless, robotic fashion I am greeted every morning. I stop short at the counter when I realize that Selective Amnesia Starbucks Girl isn't behind the counter. I smile to myself thinking "maybe she got fired because she forgot how to get here." My blissful daydream was interrupted by a chipper little voice saying, "Hey, how ya doin'? Can I help you?" I look up and there's this kid standing behind the counter. I've seen him there a couple of times - but he's never waited on me before. I smiled at the fact that he was so friendly - unlike Frigid Memory Loss Starbucks Girl who was still no where in sight. I took my drink and made my way to the drink station to add my usual coffee fixins: half-n-half, splenda and cinnamon.

As I get closer to the drink station, I hear this voice above my left shoulder say, "Do you want some cinnamon?" I'm thinking - who is this person and does he know that he is dangerously close to violating my unspoken rules on personal space? (more on my personal space issues later). I turn and look to see who it is and it's Friendly Starbucks Guy. So now I'm really torn. On one hand, I'm psyched because finally someone there remembers something about me! He remembers that I like cinnamon in my coffee.

But wait.... how does he remember that? How does he know that? The only way he would know that is if he'd been watching me every day. Suddenly he doesn't seem like Friendly Starbucks Guy. No... Now he's more like Stalker Starbucks Guy. I find myself wishing that Groundhog Day Starbucks Girl had been there. He continues walking toward me (he's almost standing on my feet at this point). He asks again "Do you want some cinnamon?" He stretches out his arm toward me (he's holding the cinnamon) - but wait a second - where is he going? He's looking beyond me.... Now he's walking past me.... There's a girl standing on my right. She looks up and sees him - her face lights up when she cathes a glimpse of the cinnamon and she reaches out and takes it from him. She smiles and says to him "Oh yay! You remembered."

Of course he did.


johnsonandjohnson said...

Oh, man, you make me chuckle!

Jon in HB said...

Maybe next time, change your order up and see if they notice...or, buy your own coffee maker and GET OVER IT! =)

Kristi said... game. go in with no clothes on. they will remember you. but then again, you might also go to jail.