Monday, December 22, 2008

O Christmas Tree - Take 2

We're doing two Christmases this year; one on the 25th and one on the 2nd. So we need our tree to last through the 2nd.

It didn't.

We had decided that we would keep the dead/crispy/brown tree through Christmas day and go grab one the day after Christmas (hopefully for cheap or close to it) for our second celebration.

Kurt ran to Home Depot (where we got our first tree) and asked what they would be doing with their excess trees on the day after Christmas. He explained the whole story of why we need it to last, etc.

The manager told Kurt to bring the dead tree back today - and they would give us any tree on the lot for FREE. Hello!

So we took everything off the old tree, said our good-byes and brought home a beautiful, GREEN Noble fir.



VikingMom said...

Kurt wasn't channeling his inner Kristi? She's the queen of deal making.

To think of it, not only do you get to celebrate Christmas twice, you also get to decorate your tree twice. Does this mean you get to have twice as many Christmas Eve services too?

Kristi said...

oh, that's nice that you consider me a deal maker, but i am so scared to talk to people like that... my MOM on the other hand... she can get anything. :)

although, i did buy haley a pair of shoes at nordstroms that have a hole in them now. I am working up the courage to ask them to replace them.

Rick said...

Actually, Jan is a pretty good deal maker. When we get a new car, she goes by herself, and calls me when it's time to sign the papers.

Diane Davis said...

heidi... i'm just leaving a general comment to tell you i'm thinking of you. yes, i still stalk the blog, but i've been a slacker on the comments. i don't know where you are with your christmas cheer, but i hope you are feeling peace and love and contentment.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I'm embarrassed to admit (as an Oregonian) that we have a fake tree! I keep saying, "next year we'll get a real one"!

Bits from Bonnie said...

That is awesome! I would have never thought of doing something like that. I guess that is because I usually have a fake tree! Yes, I know it is not is just a Christmas implant as it were! People point in my window and make comments like, "well it's easy to keep your branches looking perky when they're fake!" or "Excuse me, does anyone really need a tree that is that big!" But it's hard to stop the habit! I really think that it would take a 12 step program to bring me back to real trees!