Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bisquik Birthday!

This week we celebrated Hope's 10th birthday - double digits!!

Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day, so we wanted to do a special birthday breakfast for her.

Pancakes are her favorite breakfast food - so we wanted to incorporate that into her special breakfast.

Pancakes.... Breakfast.... Birthday.... boom!

My husband had an epiphany.

How about a Pancake Cake? Brilliant!

I added - how about a 10 layer pancake cake since she's 10 years old? Also brilliant!

We made the the pancakes the night before and then re-heated them that morning.

Hope was thrilled and I think a new tradition has been born.

Behold.... the 10-Pancake Pancake-Cake:

Behold the Biskquik Brilliance...

All 10 layers of yumminess....

A little cut-away view...
 It was glorious (and deeee-licious)!  AND!  It was cheap and easy (two of my favorite adjectives).  Yay for Biskquik birthdays!!