Monday, November 24, 2008

That was close... Who knew that Santa Clause loves Costco?

Hope and I are in the car talking about Christmas presents from last year. Hope says,

"Hey Mom - remember that stuffed aminal lion that Jack got?"

I respond (somewhat distractedly), "Yeah, we got it Costco."

(dead silence from the back seat)

"You told me he got it from Santa."

(dead silence from the front seat)

My eyes dart quickly to the rear view mirror where I see her looking at me with an emotionless but accusing stare. She cocks her head to one side and raises her eyebrows ever so slightly.

(my breathing becomes erratic, face flushes hotly, beads of perspriration form on my forehead and upper lip)

I have no where to hide, I start stuttering, "Uh, well, what I meant wa... uh.... well..."

Hope interjects with, "Does Santa shop at Costco?"

(eyes widen, breathing immediately resumes normal pace, blood pressure drops)

"YES - good! Uh, I mean, YES! He's a regular there honey. He LOVES it there."

"Hmmm" is all I hear from the backseat.

I nervously look in the rear view mirror silently praying that she's not looking at me. Thankfully she was staring out the window. She looks up at the sky and in a very logical tone says,

"He must do his shopping at night since he's at Disneyland all day taking pictures."

(big sigh of relief from the front seat)

"Hey Hope, let's listen to some Christmas music."

(CD volume turned up a little higher than normal in an effort to avoid further conversation)


Don said...

BUSTED! Won't be long.

Don said...

That was the one advantage of not doing the SC thing with our kids. Funny, I never really talked with them about whether or not they felt cheated for not having the Santa memories. They probably did.

I just remember my Dad always talking about how horribly crushed he was when he learned the truth. (He was 11 or 12!!!) He said Christmas was never the same for him after that. These days, if a kid makes it to 7 that's impressive!

World of Wright said...

Santa always gives cheap stocking stuffers at my house. That way Josh and I get credit for all the good stuff ;)
Is that bad?

Brazenlilly said...

I seriously just said (loudly and with drama) "OH. NO!" when I was reading that! Good save. :)

VikingMom said...

Yeah, that's why we're raising a bunch of cynics in our home. They know the truth because we didn't even try to lie...most likely due to the fact that we're really bad liars. :) I know that someday they'll probably rebel and do Santa with their kids because we deprived them when they were little. Good save on Hope's discovery--however, she's a pretty savvy kid. It won't be too long.

VikingMom said...

I just realized that I sounded like Debbie Downer in my comment. My apologies!

Sarah B. said...

We have the naive kids when it comes to SC, Tooth Fairy...all that stuff. Ethan told me that "so and so" said that there isn't a SC...I just said "Either you believe or you don't but lets just see what you get if you stop believeing" Mean Mom. Just this past week Ethan lost a tooth and the TF forgot to put any money under the I put some an hr after he got up...he told me that the money just appeared and something wasn't right. I had to tell him that I knocked his tooth down under his bed, couldn't find it so the tooth fairy probably won't find it so I felt bad and stuck a couple bucks under his pillow..get over it kid...he just wanted the money so he didn't care. :)

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! GREAT SAVE!! Brandi

Diane Davis said...

very nice save. love the other comments on here too!