Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Channeling The Changeling

I'm sure you've all seen the trailers for The Changeling.

The premise is that her son is taken - and then miraculously returned to her. The only problem is that she is insisting that the boy who was returned to her is not her son.

The one trailer that jumps out at me is the clip where Angelina Jolie is crying, "I want MYYYYY son back!"

Well, last night tragedy struck at the Goble house. Jack (my two year old son) lost his favorite toy. It's a rock he found at the park - about the size of a quarter.

He was devastated.

Big tears.

Much lamenting.

Overwhelming sorrow.

If he had thought to shake his fist at the heavens he probably would have.

We spent several minutes looking for it, but to no avail. The rock had simply vanished.

Well, Hope keeps a little Nature Jar - and inside it are several small rocks about the same size as the precious rock that had gone missing. She ran and got Jack one of her rocks and gave it to him. She told me before she handed it to him that she tried to find one that looked like his.

Hope extended her hand to Jack, eager to share her treasure and ease his suffering. Jack looked at Hope with an expression of great joy and gratitude and quickly snatched the rock from her. Hope was elated.

I stood back, and just basked in the pride I felt for my children. Hope is so giving and Jack is so apprciative. I began thinking that my chance to win Mother of the Year was not as dead as I thought.

Jack continued to inspect the rock and I watched his expression change from one of sheer gratitude to that of shock and horror.

He had realized that this was not his beloved rock.

He said quietly but with absolute certainty, "This is not my rock."

He looked around the room taking a moment to look each of us in the face and said again (this time with a little more conviction in his voice), "This is not my rock."

We all stood perfectly still, averting his gaze hoping the moment would pass and he would just take the new rock and be happy with it.

Suddenly, he thrust his hand out in front of him, holding onto the rock with all his might and shouted, "I want MYYYYY rock back!"

Wow. Talk about a Tour de Force perfomance.

I do believe his speech could have rivaled anyting Angelina put forth in The Changeling. I certainly hope she never finds out about him - she may want to adopt him too.


Such drama.


Brazenlilly said...

Ha! I'm dying! I love how his performance started with a calm declaration and turned to dramatic wails.

Kristi P said...

Motherhood is just like Survivor. You try to outwit, outplay, outlast your kids, yet they still aren't easily fooled by our quick thinking distractions. Nice try sweet Hope. And I to have dramatic children...It must be from Scotty's side. NNNOOOTTT MMMMIINNNEE!!!!!!!!! (hand on forehead) Thanks for the prayer and the wine suggestion. I'm off to bathe =)

Diane Davis said...

love the high drama stories. hope has a sweet heart.

IF i drank diet rite, i would have spit it on my keyboard over the line about angelina wanting to adopt him...

World of Wright said...

Hope is so sweet. Poor little girl is learning already that no good deed goes un-punished.

World of Wright said...

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World of Wright said...

Sorry...It's Mariesfashion.com (no S on fashion)

VikingMom said...

Well...maybe you have an actor on your hands--that'll pay for the college tuition!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Poor Guy. Hope he finds his rock.

i laughed too at your last comment. :-)