Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is anyone out there?

Is anyone out there?

New posts.

No comments.

Much sadness.


Rick said...

I'm still here. I just don't blog. And it seems all my comments and e-mails disappear into the black hole that is cyberspace. So I'm having a pity party for me.

VikingMom said...

Yes, Heidi, I'm out here...really! (Now are you saying, "Out There" as in "crazy or extremely eccentric", or as in "the Truth is out there", or lurking in the dark stalking you out there?) Judging my lack of comments, maybe I fall in the latter category. Hmmm...I'm all read and no comment.

Heidi said...

Rick sorry to hear about your pity party. What comments and email disappeared? And Laurel.... yes, are out there. And I love that. :)

Rick said...

various disappearances but I'm all better now since my latest got through! I think some "friends" may know how I voted and decided to ignore me. I'm going back to your policy of no political comments.

Stephanie said...

Hi Heidi,

I'm a friend of KT's and I read your blog. Just thought I'd let you;s always a bummer to write a clever blog and not get any comments. I feel your pain! :)
Btw, you have a great blog!

AKA Simply Me, Stephieshoobs, or Mad about Madeline(many names, one blog. :))

Heidi said...

YAY Stephanie - welcome to my crazy blog! :) I'm off to visit yours now. :)

I love blogs.

Seriously - it's weird, but I've "met" several people on them. It's very cool...

Anonymous said...

I've greatly enjoyed reading your humor! So much that I've passed your blog along to several of my friends! Keep us laughin' (no pressure) : ) Brandi

Kristi P said...

I am here too and I have to say that picture is creeping me out. Thanks for the nightmares and for the blog info. =)

Angela said...

I'm just catching up on your blog and am busting a gut laughing at all your entries. Your ability to write humor is INCREDIBLE. You ought to publish a column. This is the best, funniest stuff I've read in a long time. SO entertaining. Thanks for the great laughs this morning!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

is that the little girl from "The Never Ending Story part 2?"

Also....your post reminded me of a great song by 'Burlap to Cashmere"
called is "anyone out there".

i really like that song.

I really like your blog.