Sunday, July 5, 2009

Touched by a (pint-sized) Angel...

Jack (who is 3) was playing on the playground at church this morning.

I arrived a few minutes early to take him to his class and was greeted by him being carried off the playground, crying hysterically.

He had fallen and scraped his knee up pretty good.

He saw me and started crying harder. He was so sad...

I picked him up and loved on him a little bit and that's when I noticed all the little kids that had followed us inside - all of them wore looks of concern on their faces. They wanted to make sure that Jack was alright.

There was one little girl in the crowd of kids who followed especially close. Her name was Lexi (she is also 3).

Lexi (seen here in this pic) taught me something today.

She demonstrated to me what it means to truly give of yourself.

Lexi has a little blanket (about the size of a cloth diaper or a burp cloth); it's her Nite-Nite. It is one of her more prized possessions. In the words of her mom, her nite-nite is her ultimate comfort. (for more detail, here's a blog post about it)

Anyway - Jack was now seated and was about to have his scraped knee cleaned (OUCH). The medicated wet-wipe touched his knee and he let out a shriek. Lexi was standing behind Jack - and as soon as Jack cried out, she put her hand on his shoulder and left it there.

At that moment I saw something in Jack's hands. He buried his face in it and he stopped crying.

It was Lexi's nite-nite.

Lexi had given Jack her nite-nite to help him feel better.

Her most prized possession.

And she gave it to Jack.

She saw that someone was sad and hurting - and needed it more than her. So she gave away the thing that matters most to her. No questions asked. She just said, "here Jack..."

I was so touched by that.

I tend to make things so complicated. I over-analyze, obsess, worry, etc. I'm ashamed to say that when I give something to someone, I have a tendency to make it more about me than the person I'm giving to.

Acts of giving should be simple. Simplicity is a natural by-product of taking the focus off yourself and putting it on the other person.

When Lexi gave Jack her nite-nite, she had no agenda, no contract stating when the nite-nite was to be returned or how it was to be used, nothing about what she wanted in return. Nothing about how she felt at all.

She simply gave it to him to make him feel better.

She didn't think about herself. She only thought of Jack.

So simple...

I made sure Jack was alright, hugged him good-bye and made my way back to the main auditorium for church. I stopped when I saw Lexi and gave her a big hug, trying to conceal the tears that were now pouring freely. I gave her a kiss and told her thank you. I know she doesn't know how much her simple act meant - but someday she will. I know that I will never forget it.

Thank you Lexi.... you made Jack feel so much better today. And you also reminded me of something so important: that I need to put others first. No questions asked...

It's that simple.


VikingMom said...

Okay, that was too much...totally made me tear up. What a total sweetheart!

Rick said...

You really have outdone yourself this time--with Lexi's help. I think that was a demonstration of what childlike faith is all about.

Anonymous said...

Wow--now that's LOVE! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and I'm not Lloyd Rekstad! Thanks for sharing that Heidi. Precious.
Love, Jane Van Ryn

Don said...

I'm hearing her sweet little voice in the next room as I read this. (We're watching the 3 girls tonight while the parents enjoy a night out.)

Like Laurel, I'm very teary at the moment!

Think I'll give her some extra hugs tonight!!!!

Thanks, Heidi. I hope Jack is all better now!!

Kristi said...

Seriously? When I got home tonight, my dad told me to read your blog. I am totally crying. How could you not tell me this when we were talking about your bloody shirt today? Oh man... Poor Jack. I hope he is better. And sweet I love her. I can't wait for her to wake up so I can squeeze her again. :)

StephanieJ said...

I am not allowed to read things like this...I am hyper-emotional and now I am going to sob for the rest of the day.
Loved it Heidi. Thanks for sharing.

World of Wright said...

That is too sweet.
Lexi is a doll!
I love when the student becomes the teacher.

SingingShrink said...

you make me laugh. you make me cry. 'nough said

Angela said...

Joining the crying fest... What a great story, and a great blog. I always enjoy visiting. Thanks!