Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Husband Thinks it's Perfectly Normal; Part I

So I've written a lot about things that I think are perfectly normal.

I thought it was time to rat out - uh... I mean share with you something about my husband.

He is terrified of bandaids.


He won't go near them.

He will walk around with an injury that looks like it requires stitches and will still refuse to put a bandaid on it.

He thinks it's perfectly normal.

I think it's an issue that warrants some sort of 12-step program...


Brazenlilly said...

I'm quite positive I'm going to like this new series. Keep 'em coming! What would happen if he woke up and mysteriously had one on?!

Heidi said...

Jen, you devil!

Jen, you GENIUS!

World of Wright said...

I must say...That is a little freaky.