Friday, July 17, 2009

If You have a Problem; If No One Else Can Help; And if You can Find Them; Maybe You can Hire.... The A-Team.

I think the A-Team was one of the greatest shows of the 80s.

I was a huge fan.

My Dad was a huge fan too. We had a van back in those days. He would drive up to a curb, slow way down, have me or my brother open the side door (while he was singing the theme song at the top of his lungs) and have us jump out.

Explains a few things, doesn't it...

Anyway. I never missed it. It was on every Tuesday night at 8:00.

I even have an autographed picture from Dirk Benedict (he played Templeton FaceMan Peck). I got it when I babysat his kids.

Yeah, that's right.



It was one of the best shows ever.

Oddly enough, Dwight Schultz (he played Howling Mad Murdock) also appeared on several episodes of another favorite show of mine, Star Trek The Next Generation (he played Lieutenant Barclay).


The A-Team was a classic.


Rick said...

No show ever expended more high-powered ammunition without ever hitting anybody

StephanieJ said...

The A-Team story was one of the first stories you told me when we were roommates. I still think of you and your dad whenever I see a full sized black "A-Team" van! I love it!

World of Wright said...

Well said my friend! I couldn't agree more!

wendi said...

I remember babysitting Dirk Benedict's kids too!