Monday, May 11, 2009

She took Classy to a Whole New Level

Kurt was in line at the store.

There was an older woman in line in front of him.

She was purchasing 3 bottles of wine.

She looked a little - ummm.... weathered.





The cashier asked her if she'd like a box for the wine.

"Whaddya wanna give me a box for?" was her raspy response.

"I just wanted to help you get the wine home easier" he replied.

She leaned over the counter and sneered, "If ya wanna help me with my wine, crack one of these bottle open and give me a straw."

So classy...


Brandi in Clackamas said...

HILARIOUS!!! Good reason to not, "drink like a man"!

Sarah B. said...

Hahaha...that is classy.

Billy and Laurel said...

Dang caught me. I was hoping Kurt wouldn't recognize me at the store! Ha Ha!

Brazenlilly said...

Man! Kurt has the best grocery store encounters! (I seem to remember reading one about midol and ice cream.)

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

i wish I witnessed those kind of moments. sooo funny!