Sunday, October 5, 2008

That's gonna leave a mark.

Jack fell forehead-first into the coffee-table tonight. He's a tough little dude so he stopped crying once I gave him big kisses. I thought all was well.

I didn't notice the stripes on his head until hours later when I was trying to wash them off because I thought they were crayon marks.

You'd think him screaming every time I touched it would have provided me with some sort of clue that the lines weren't crayon marks...

He finally said, "Momma owie - no touch!"

Oh dear... I felt horrible.


VikingMom said...

I want you to know that I've done the same exact thing. A couple of months ago I noticed that Travis had a red spot on his check. I did the mom thing (a little spit on the thumb) and tried to rub it out. When it didn't go away I told Tamila to get a washcloth...she gave me a curious look as to why. Needless to say she didn't let me get off easy when it was revealed that Travis had bumped his cheek on the bench earlier that day. (The very bump that I had kissed and gave a hug for.)

Children have not only given me stretch marks...they've given me short term memory loss.

So...Been there done that and welcome to the Bad Mom's Club!

The Craftypigs said...

Marks? What marks? All I see are eyes and lips. Do they make a lipstick the color of his!

Jon in HB said...

Maybe Hope could cover it up with some of her base?