Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey TempletonTales Readers! This is how to get your Blogger Stats

So Kristi told me that she mentioned that I am something of an IT person and that I could help you set up your Analytics account.

Let me start with this disclaimer: this is addicting. And kind of weird. And very cool.

So if you want to know who visits your blog, link it to Google Analytics. It's free and it's really easy to use. Once you set up your account and link it to your blog, it takes about 24 hours before you can see any data.

Visit this site and follow the instructions (click here) . Or send me an email (click here to open an email to me) and I'll send you detailed instructions (that I think are a little easier to follow).

One thing to keep in mind - if you pick a different blog template (like from Pyzam or something like that) you will have to re-link your blog to your Analytics account.

Good luck!


Diane Davis said...

thanks, darlin.

Brazenlilly said...

Cool! Thanks, Heidi! i didn't know you were so tech savvy. I'm going to try to follow the instructions. If it doesn't work out, I'll come begging for help.