Monday, October 6, 2008

Make-up Artist

Hope loves to "do make-up. "

Hers and mine.

I figured after my last self-esteem-building session at the Clinique counter, I'd be better off letting Hope make recommendations on my make-up.

Her choices for us?

Pink and Purple.

With lots of glitter because "everyone wants to sparkly-sparkle!"

Here's a look...
Welcome to Hope's Beauty in a Box!

The eyes are very important. Gotta go heavy color on the eyes.

And for lips? Bright pink mixed with purple. Only the best!

And don't forget the glitter spray. Perhaps the greatest invention the world of cosmetology has ever seen.

The finished product

My gorgeous, happy girl...


Kristi said...

please have her do your makeup for this weekend.

The Craftypigs said...


Stacey said...

Oh Heidi...she is such a cutie. What a fun time!!! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Aren't girls so much fun?!!!

christie walker said...

this is how it starts. next she will be sneaking off to target to buy cover girl and wet n' wild make up behind your back and then putting on when she gets to school in the girl's bathroom. then she will be asking for MAC make-up and fake $20 lashes from Shu Ueurma.

(and yes I know this subject a little too well)

Jon in HB said...