Sunday, October 5, 2008

I think it's perfectly normal; Part VII

Yeah, Yeah - I said I wouldn't do this anymore. But I thought of one more thing that I think should be considered normal.

The clock on my nightstand is 45 minutes fast.

It never fools me into thinking it's really that eary (thereby making me move faster to avoid being late for something).

Even if it's 3:30 in the morning, I still know it's 45 minutes fast and just do the math to figure out what time it is.

I think it's perfectly normal.


VikingMom said...

45 minutes is a bit extreme...but ours is always set a little ahead. Doing the math seems to wake me up, but most of the time we just hit the snooze button and don't even try!

The Craftypigs said...

Mine is set somewhere between 9 and 11 minutes so it's harder to do the math and I'm not really sure which it is so I think I'm only 9 minutes ahead and the truth is, I need more like 99 minutes to get ahead of myself because I start my day already behind. My husband would not be happy with a clock 45 minutes ahead. This would screw with him too much.

World of Wright said...

I used to do that until I realized I was giving myself an early morning POP QUIZ!

Don said...

Oh...I love the time on your photo....I call that "Haley Time." Whenever it appears on a clock or treadmill or any digital device, I always think of Haley. Her birthdate is 1-23-04. Since I've always loved number configuration even though i'm lousy in math (it's an intellectual fetish of mine), 12:34 a.m. and p.m. are my favorite times of the day.

Of course there are many other times that are special and make me think of family:

1:16 = my nephew Jeff
5:02 = my dad
5:12 = Lexi
6:03 = Lyn
6:04 = my grandma Porter
7:29 = Brian
9:01 = me (no big deal)
10:18= Kristi
11:04 = Jennifer
11:10 = Emily (a reverse sequence--also cool)
12:02 = Curtis (12:21 would have been a palindrome, and thus superior...but, hey...)
12:25 = My mom (and Jesus!)

Good grief....I'm a freak.

Wendi said...

OMG...I thought I was the only one who did husband thinks it's so weird! :)