Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Heart, My Hope...

Her voice soothes my soul
Her smile warms my heart
Her laugh brightens the darkest of days
When she sits with me and tells me everything about her day, I want to stop time so I can soak it all in
When she sits with me and doesn’t say a word, my anxieties are quieted and all seems right with the world
When she runs to me and gives me a hug, she reminds me of what’s really important
When she runs to me with tears in her eyes, she fills me with purpose
Her kindness has taught me so much
Her gentleness overwhelms me
Her ability to simply love without question moves me to tears and serves as an example of how I should love others
She’s 8 years old
She’s my daughter
She’s my teacher
She’s my world
She’s my Hope…


shana said...

that's beautiful heidi!

Brazenlilly said...

Thank you for this gorgeous post about your gorgeous girl. I especially love it, knowing the story behind her name. I'm so blessed to have this little tech-community of friends with whom we can rant about our crazy kiddos, and understand that the bottom line is a love stronger than anything we thought possible. Print this one out for her to keep!

hbmommy said...

wow! Now I'm crying....you captured a mother's love perfectly!

Katie said...

....tears! I know exactly how you feel :) But I don't know that I could have said it as perfect as you just did...that was beautiful!!

Kristi said...

Wow. She will cherish this forever. How special!

Aunt SEE said...

What a tribute to your daughter. Thanks for sharing. A Lucy marathon will be on the Hallmark TV station on February 6. Maybe you can catch "The Long, Long Trailer" Aunt SEE

Brandi in Clackamas said...

Very Sweet!

World of Wright said...

That was so sweet Heidi.
She is so beautiful and she is a mirror image of you. Everything that is wonderful about Hope is what is wonderful about you and your hard work as a mom.