Monday, January 25, 2010

MAXImum Misunderstanding

So I'm standing at Costco next to my overflowing cart of freshly purchased groceries. Kurt had to run to the restroom, so I'm leaning against the wall next to the ATM waiting for him.

A nice looking guy walks up to the ATM to make a transaction.

I feel him looking in my direction (he's on the left of me, and we're only about 2 feet away from each other so my personal space alerm was beginning to buzz).

I look up and see him looking at me - smiling.

Hmmmm.... he's smiling.

At me?

I look to my right, there is no one there. I look back at him.

He's still smiling at me.

I smile back and then look away.

I can't help it...

I start sportin' a satisfied grin.


I've still got it!

Satisfied sigh....

A few seconds pass - I can feel him still staring at me.


The moment of flattery has passed - now it's a little awwwwwkward.

I look him in the face - our eyes lock - and he's still smiling.

But his smile has gone from a "Hey-you're-sorta-cute-in-a-mid-thirties-frumpy-wife-and-mom-kind-of-way" smile to a "Smirky-you're-an-idiot-if-you-think-I-was-smiling-at-you-cuz-you're-cute" kind of smile.

I'm confused.

He completes his transaction and continues to smirk at me as he walks past me and my overflowing grocery cart.

And then I see it.

You know how they don't put anything in bags at Costco? They just pile it in sideless, topless boxes?

Well, in my cart, on the top of Mount GroshMore, sticking straight up for all of the world to see, basking in all of it's teal green glory....

A jumbo sized box of Maxi pads.

Oh yeah.

I've definitely still got it.



Kristi said...

dude. why in the WORLD would you buy maxi pads at Costco? That box must have been 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall. I would've been smiling at you too. :)

erika said...

LMAO - Oh...hilarious.

Nancy said...

Just passing through on "next blog." You are funny. And as for your earlier massage post, yes, I know it would be dreamy, but sadly my husband would see it as akin to me having an affair. Bummer.

Lisa P said...

You still got something for sure!

pacey said...

what were you thinking buying them at Costco? :)

Kris10 said...

THAT is the best. Love it, love it, LOVE IT. HAHAHA!

Sister in Christ said...

That was too FUNNY