Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Howertons Need Our Help...

I typically blog about lighthearted things - silly things - things that dont' really matter.

But given what's going on in the Haiti right now, I want to use my blog to spread the word about an opportunity where we can help make a difference.

There's an Orange County family trying to finalize the adoption of their son, Keanan in Haiti. Kristin (the mom) was in Haiti visiting him when the earthquake hit. They all survived and Kristen was evacuated but was forced to leave Keanan there. The Howertons are desperately trying to get him home and they need our help.

(Kristin with her son Keanan and her daughter Karis - taken about an hour before the quake hit)

In a crisis of this magnigtude, we often feel paralyzed by helplesness. The destruction is so overwhelming - the loss is so great.

But here's an opportunity where WE CAN HELP!!!

Please take a few moments to read the Howerton's blog - it provides details on what we can do to help them bring their precious boy home. It's easy - it takes very little time - and it will make a difference.
Also, pass the word along to your friends so that they can help too. The blogging community is huge, and word spreads fast. Let's use it to affect change and get this family together! If you have a blog or if you are on Facebook, post the link to their blog so that you can pass the word to even more people.
Here's the link to their blog:

Don't pass on this opportunity to help this family...


Cindy said...

I am contacting our congress people by email as well at Utah people that may lend a hand. I can not imagine the wait for this precious little guy. Is there more to be done, perhaps monetary aid? You know where to find me.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

I'm a leach and I have plagiarized. Hope you don't mind....but I just copied and pasted your post to my blog.