Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Water Resistant doesn't mean Washer Resistant

I always forget to check pockets when I do laundry.

I pay for it every single time and vow to check them the next time.

And then I forget.


Tubes of Pink lipstick are the worst.

Except for your husband's flashdrive that has like his entire life's work stored on it.


I'm still paying for that one.


Brazenlilly said...

Oh, honey. Did this just happen? Or was there a painful reminder of this sad day? I'm so sorry!

Diane Davis said...

um, not to be an ass, but i think it is the persons responsibility to unload their own pockets. especially if they are over the age of five. i give you a pass on this one.

World of Wright said...

Ouch! The best thing to do in this situation is remind him that it's his own fault and he should know you don't check pockets.
Then cross your fingers and hope it works..

Brandi in Clackamas said...

Oh no! I'm guilty of the tubes of lipstick & crayons, but I have to agree that if you are not a child than you are responsible for checking your own pockets.

The "laundry fairy" is not always running her "A" game! She slips every now and then! Good luck.

Wendi said...

I have SO done this....let's see...my husband has had a few blue tooths and an iPod go through the washer..and none of them made it out alive.