Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom's wearin' her kick-butt face...

I get really angry when someone is mean to one of my children.

Seriously. Really angry.

It happened today. A little boy was mean to Jack.

The kid threw a fist full of oatmeal in Jack's face (they were only standing about a foot from each other so it got in his eyes, up his nose, everywhere...)

Jack cried.

I was raging inside and it took every shred of self-control in me to not tear that other little boy's arms and legs off.


Here's the thing.

I know that two things are true:
1. Other peoples' kids are going to be mean to my kids.
2. My kids are going to be mean to someone else's kids (I don't like admitting this but I know it's true).

That's just how things go.

But it still sucks.

I'm still sad that Jack got his feelings hurt.

And I still want to throw a barrel of oatmeal in that little punk's face so he can see how it feels.


Brazenlilly said...

Do it. Throw it. Just once.

The Craftypigs said...

Oh, he'll learn. I see it everyday.

shana said...

way to have some self-control . . . i'd be worried if you weren't mad! life totally sucks and people are mean, i wish it weren't so, but it just something that is!
hope you & your kiddos have a mean-less day tomorrow!

Rick said...

If you did throw something in the kid's face you probably wouldn't be the first adult to do so.

johnsonandjohnson said...

We take emily to the park just about everyday and it blows my mind to watch what kids will do to another kid. I also can't believe how many parents just sit back and watch it happen. I feel like I am mother bear out there and not just for Emily.

I was sad for Emily yesterday too....we take her soccer ball and some little boy just got to the park---b-lined straight for Emily and took it away (RIGHT OUT OF HER HANDS)! She was so confused. The dad watched it all happen and said NOTHING. I don't care if people play with what we bring to the park, but when it's in my kids hands and you don't ask....OH NO....

Kristi said...

don't get me started, i went all mama bear on a kid at the park this week. he was around 9 years old, and i watched him throw haley to the ground and then run away laughing. his NANNY didn't say a word, so i pulled him aside, and said "excuse me little boy....and then proceeded to explain his improper behavior." Only to hear him later tell his friends "Don't share anything with HALEY." And I literally turned to my group of friends and said "HOLD ME BACK somebody!!"

Then, I had to pry Lexi away from him after he called her a "Stupid Baby" and then she repeated him. All around bad news. I feel bad for the kid...for his parents...and for everyone he is going to come in contact with.

But yeah, there was NO WAY I was going to let him get away with hurting my daughter.

SingingShrink said...

you could always tie his shoelaces together when he's not looking