Sunday, April 20, 2008

My 6 year old daughter is teaching me how to bake. And I don't mind telling you - I'm feeling a little insecure...

So I've shared my woes about my ferocious ignorance of all things culinary. Today Hope wanted to bake brownies in her EasyBake oven. Uh, sure, yeah - okay. I guess I can do that. She told me "Mom, why don't you get everything all set up - I'm going to go wash my hands and then I'll come see how you're doing." Um, I'm sorry - what? How old are you? Did we just channel Freaky Friday?

Okay, so I "get everything all set up" as I was instructed and we get to work making "brownies." If you've ever eaten EasyBake foodstuffs, you'll understand the need for the quotation marks.

Long story short, she corrected me several times throughout the process (including the safest way to use the oven). And when it came time to frost the brownies - she stopped me and said,

"No Mommy, you need to do it like this. Ya know, it's a good thing I'm here to help you help me."

Um, I'm sorry - what?

Yeah.... My culinary insecurities have just been elevated to a whole new level. But on the upside, I know what I'm bringing to the potluck.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter sounds adorable.

For you: If you have never visted

The Pioneer Woman you should.

Not only is she totally hilarious but she can cook. And when she cooks she does it step by step, picture by picture and it is awesome. So if you want to really WOW the hubby when he gets home check it out. She makes good food but also "Man Food" after all her hubby is a cowboy:)


VikingMom said...

Poor Heidi! I'm sorry that your daughter made you feel too incompetent to even cook with a lightbulb. Keep with your endeavours and someday you shall overcome. If it helps, here are some nastified creations of my culinary past: 13 pound lemon cake with no sugar (literally 13 lbs), pasta with raspberry jelly sauce and coconut ice cream.

The first two were inedible and the last was passable, but had the texture of frozen grease. Yum.

Kristi said...

i'm so jealous that you are eating easy bake brownies. i always wanted to try one. my parents never bought us the easybake oven, and none of my friends had one either. needless to say, i'm excited about the potluck! :o)

Heidi said...

I'll have Hope make some brownies just for you Kristi. Last night we made the Chocolate Chip cookies.

The brownies are better.