Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hope is a Nature Lover - almost...

Took the kids to the park last week and they were loving it. They weren't all that interested in the playground equipment, they just wanted to run around and play in the leaves. Hope kept talking about how beautiful everything was. She said:

"Momma, I just love being outside! I never want to go inside again!! The sun is so warm, the grass is so green, the sky is so blue, everything is just so beautif.... EWWWW! DOG POOP!"

(Long pause with no talking - partly because I have to make a running dive to catch Jack before he grabs the offensive mound of poo and shoves it in his mouth. Hope continues with her dramatic monologue).

"Okay Momma, so I'm good on the park. Can we go home now?"


Billy said...

That totally made me laugh. Especially since Hope was telling me that you might get a dog if you buy a house with a yard. I have a feeling that she won't be the one who cleans up after the dog.

By the way, Austin gnawed on a hunk of petrified cat poo when he was 6 months old and survived. Will he hate me for saying that?

(I was too lazy to change the sign in over to my name.)

Kristi said...

oh, I love me some Hope! :o)

Dan said...

Very cute! I can just hear Hope pontificating on the virtues of outdoor life!

In some ways, I wish dog poo was a tasty eatable treat for kids...then maybe my kids would have continued to take care of dog poo, as they promised they would if we got a dog! Now I am enjoying my backyard time picking up my dog's little gifts!

christie walker said...

that's how i feel about the outdoors.