Friday, April 11, 2008

My daughter has more of a social life than me.

No - she's not bored. She's at a slumber party with a whole bunch of her little friends. Her social life is like 10 times better than mine. I'm so stinkin' bored I'm thinking about painting the house just so I can sit here and watch it dry.
Kurt is sick. Jack is in bed. I'm watching Little House. Again.

I need something to do.


Anonymous said...

You could always play with your new ipod!!!


Heidi said...

I would, but I don't even where the on switch is.

Billy said...

Laurel and I just got home. We haven't had time to get bored. Wedding at church; set up for tomorrow. A run to Ralph's for some lunch fixin's for the kiddies tomorrow.

Sorry you are bored. I would have liked to be at home watching paint dry. I did rent "Good Luck Chuck" for a buck at Ralph's though.

I will probably fall asleep in the first twenty minutes.

I am writing a lot so you will have something to do.

Good Night, now.

Kristi said...

i will write too. i will keep you company.

i too went to the wedding at church. sang a little song. came home. curtis made dinner. played play-dough. walked to the park with haley and molly. curtis and lexi went to the store, then met us at the park. a guy from dateline came up with 2 dogs. when he walked away, i had to talk to haley about STRANGER DANGER. walked home. showered the kids. watched best week ever. had alone time with curtis. curtis made brownies. did laundry. ate brownies. watching survivor. wish you were here.

discomommy said...

Heidi-I am always bored on Friday and Saturday nights! Jon is always working and I sit in front of the TV scanning pictures. You should come over and watch me scan. Much more exciting than watching paint dry! Last night I actually took the night off from working though. I was just unmotivated. I sang kereoke Wii with the kids, put them to bed, took a shower and crawled into bed with my Sudoku book. I think I was asleep before 10. Usually I am up until at least midnight!