Monday, March 31, 2008

Our House....

We moved into this house in July of 2004. It was gross. Kurt has worked liked a maniac to fix it.
Here's a little photo journal of what our house used to look like.

This is the Living Room. Note the green carpet pulled up over the hearth. We didn't know there was a hearth there.

This is the Trippy Fireplace and Mantle - and look at that! There was a hearth under all that carpet! Brilliant.

Here is the Bizarre wall that we ripped out. this is the first thing you would see when you walked in the front door. It made no sense whatsoever.This is the "Room" created by the Bizarre Wall

View of Bizarre Wall from Living Room (I hope that you're getting the idea that I really hated this wall).

Here's the Kitchen. The house had lots of dark green. It was everywhere. Dark green carpet, dark green tile in the kitchen and master bath, dark green dots in the kitchen-floor linoleum, dark green valances on the windows. I don't have pictures of the outside of the house, but it was white with dark green trim. Oh, and then for something extra special, there were dark green drips going down the entire back wall (over the white) and dark green drips all over the stairs and the driveway. There's nothing wrong with dark green. Unless your husband hates it. Mine did...

Kithchen view from the other side

This is the Master Bedroom. The previous owners wanted to spruce the place up to sell it so they decided to paint. Instead of rolling the walls, he used a paint sprayer. Oh - and he also thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and use the paint sprayer without covering up the nasty green carpet. That "dust" you see in the corner is paint. Brilliant.

Doors going into Master Bath (note the see through glass; so classy)

This is the Master Bathroom. You may not be able to tell in the picture, but the paint was bright orange (it was like this in the Master Bedroom as well - you know, the "dust" all over the nasty green carpet). "Taracotta" I believe was it's name. As in Taracotta pots. Or as in, Taracotta notta good choice for interior decorating. Yes, our master bedroom and bathroom looked like a giant clay teracotta pot. Nice.

Oh, and the peel and stick linoleum times were hot too. I have nothing against peel and stick linoleum. But I do have something against idiots who can't put it in straight and leave big black gaps between each piece. You're left wondering how many times one had to step on that gap to make it all black like that. And then you begin wondering how many times you will have to wash your feet to get it off your feet when you step in it.

This is the bathub in the Master Bath. You can't really see it in this picture, but it was really grimey. Yeah. We used it for our paintbrushes.

So, this last Saturday marked the completion of our house. Over the last 4 years, Kurt has done a LOT:

  • Built a new fireplace
  • Installed custom shutters throughout the entire house (blinds in the bedrooms)
  • Installed new baseboards throughout the whole house
  • Completely gutted the master bathroom and re-did it (everything except the shower)
  • Built custom closets for all three bedrooms
  • New tile (splashback) throughout the entire kitchen
  • Installed Pergo flooring in the kitchen (which later had to be replaced because the dishwasher leaked into the floor and ruined everything)
  • Installed new dishwasher
  • Installed new garbage disposal
  • Built a loft in the garage for extra storage
  • Redid the floor in the kids' bathroom
  • Painted the outside of the house
  • Re-did all the landscaping

He's a stud.


Diane Davis said...

um, hello... i have entered a new class from lurker to stalker.

where are the "after" pictures?

i did laugh out loud with the master bath having a glass door. i've never seen that... too funny.

Heidi said...

I'm coming with the after photos. My husband needs to get off his rear and take them. Honestly, he's such a slacker! : )

VikingMom said...

Congrats on marrying such a stud. That must mean your a good stud finder. Get it..."Stud finder"? Construction humor. (Forgive me, I'm tired!)

Kurt did an awesome job on the house. Now I just need to come over and see the finished baseboards with the fancy angled cuts. If he's up to it, I've been lacking baseboards for a couple of years now due to tiling projects. I'm sure Billy would gladly let him do it.

Kristi said...

impressive. nice work.