Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Did you feel the earthquake?

Happened at approximately 9:30 tonight - only a 3.1 (although I thought it felt bigger than that!) - centered near Newport Beach.


Jon in HB said...

OMG Yes! I heard the windows shake and Gina yelled, "Jon, grab a kid!" I thought someone broke in the house so I scooped up Megan out of bed and ran down the hall with her under my arm, thinking I was going to have to get my butt kicked, I mean kick someone's butt as I defended my family from an intruder. Gina then grabbed Megan out of my arms and laughed at me as she put her back to bed. We've now decided that next time she'll preface her commands with "Earthquake, Jon grab a kid".

VikingMom said...

There was an earthquake? I didn't feel it. I think. I'm always being jostled around by children so I don't notice earthquakes until I see chandeliers swinging.

Jon...Good job on defending your children against mother nature. Billy's record on earthquakes (or any other emergency matter concerning his family) isn't that great. Let's just say him snoring through an earthquake as his pregnant wife holds up a dresser for fear of it falling on her sleeping child is pretty much par for the course.

He's better at breaking up gang fights at the pier.

discomommy said...

Oh was quite comical. I will have to demonstrate it next time I see you. The humor really can't be conveyed in words.

VikingMom said...

Billy says the earth should only move for me when he's around. Dork.

Kristi said...

I felt it. I am home alone. Haley came out with her hair all messed up yelling at me cause "I woke her up"...when I told her it was an earthquake, she was SO excited. We called Daddy and she proceeded to tell him everything in the house it shook:
my bed
her bed
daddy's bed
her makeup
the refrigerator doors
the chairs
the magnets
...i think you get my drift.
exciting stuff.
then i thought we had a gas leak so bruce came over and checked it out. so much drama.

christie walker said...

We had no idea there was an earthquake. Matt's mom called and told us.