Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's bed time and I'm saying goodnight to the kids.

ME: Hopey, have a good night sleep - I love you soo much!

HOPE: I love you too Momma! Even more today than yesterday.

(sigh of contentment)

(walk into Jack's room)

ME: Jack-Jack, have a good night sleep buddy - I love you soo much!

JACK: Night.

ME: I love you buddy!

(Jack gives me a big smile but no verbal response)

ME: Jack! Don't you want to tell Momma you love her too?

(pause as he stares intently into my face...)

JACK: Do you have any jellybeans?

ME: No honey, I don't have any jellybeans.

JACK: Night mom.



Lisa P said...

Tell Jack I have jellybeans.

JoAnn said...

He learned quickly!

hbmommy said...

hee hee that Jackgoble is such a cutie :)

World of Wright said...

This post is funny...WHY? Because Jack's taste buds have not matured to the point where he realizes he should be asking for Chocolate or wine (yes. That's Chocolate with a Capital C!).
He'll get there eventually.