Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Faith in the Face of Fear...

Tomorrow morning a family in our church will have their faith tested in an unbelievable way.

Brian and Cindy have two kids – Jake and Emma. Jake and Emma are twins – they’re in junior high.

When Jake was a baby he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in his eye. The treatment involved the removal of his eye to prevent the cancer from spreading/returning.

In spite of treatment, it has returned in his other eye several times over the years and the family has been forced to face the inevitable. They must remove the other eye to stop the cancer from taking Jake’s life.

So tomorrow morning, Jake goes in for surgery and will come out of it unable to see.

I can’t help but ask the question, “Why?”

I saw Jake and his family at church this weekend. Watching them I would have never known that they were facing such a battle. The courage and the faith that I saw were unbelievable.

They were there – smiling... hugging people.

How did they do that?

How are they so strong? I’m sure they’re scared – but what I saw on their faces wasn’t fear. It was faith…

They are a remarkable family – each of them – but especially Jake. He is incredibly strong in his faith. He is truly inspiring… He doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk about God with people; and has said that he wants to be a pastor when he grows up.

When I look at his situation, God isn't the first thing I see… I see questions, anger, doubt and fear.

But not Jake.

He sees a God that he loves and who loves Him – a God who has an incredible Plan for him, he sees a God that he trusts – he sees a God that he believes in.

Jake only has vision in one eye – and tomorrow that will taken from him – but I think he sees better than I do. He and his family have taught me a lot about what it means to have faith in the face of fear.

Please pray for them…


Brazenlilly said...

Wow. Heartbreaking and inspiring at once. I will pray for Jake and his family tomorrow and for their church family, that you'll know how to comfort and lift them up.

Brandi in Clackamas said...

wow, that gives me some perspective upon the "problems" my family has. (As I wipe the tears from my eyes). I will be praying for them.

gina said...

My heart has been heavy for weeks. I work with children with little or no vision every day. I see the life and the Spirit in them. I see their joy and happiness. I also see their fear and their questions. I know God has huge things in store for Jake. I know that this family faces tremendous hurdles and uncertainties and pain. But I also know that they will be leaders. They will lead many people to God and faith. I can feel it in their presence. Nonetheless, I am praying for yet another miracle on his behalf. And if that is not in the plan, then I pray for continued faith and courage on their behalf. They are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are people who are far worse-off than I.... By this time, Jake's surgery is over and he is without eyesight. I am reminded of Helen Keller and all of the wonderful things that she accomplished. And a chorus is running through my head....'The Joy of the Lord is my Hope'. I will pray for Jake and bring his name up before our congregation. Bless you for your love and concern for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the last comment; I goofed. The chorus is in fact 'The Joy of the Lord is My Strength'.