Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously? It's an Honor just to be Nominated.... (oh please, I'd love to win)

Okay so I don't know who did this - but I was nominated for Funniest Blog in some blog contest.

I have no idea who did it - and I don't win anything except bragging rights - but I'm flattered that someone would nominate me!

So, I'm going to just put myself out there on this (since subtlety has never been my strong suit) and ask you to vote for me! Just click on the button, and then click on funniest blog. You have to scroll through the list to find my blog - it's called Life as a Goble.

2009 BlogLuxe Awards

So thanks! Thanks for voting for me! Oh, and.... uh..... (awkward pause).... you can vote once a day. Okay - there! That's it! I won't say any more about it. (face flushing madly).

Oh - and of course, I want to thank the Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press, my agent.... oh wait. Wrong fantasy. Sorry.... But seriously - thank you to whoever nominated me!

Anyway - that's it - that's all the campaigning I will do. I would like to make some campaign promises, but I can't come up with any. Anyone have any suggestions?


Rick said...

I voted for you so you are now only 920 votes from the lead.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you..but then I ended up reading a buch of strangers are still the funniest!!

Kristi said...

what a rock star you are.
can i have your autograph???

i'm SO surprised mine didn't get nominated. what - they didn't like my stories of misbehaving children, spankings, and mouths getting washed out with soap? how weird!!!

Brazenlilly said...

I voted for you! I'm afraid you have your competition cut out for you in CakeWrecks, but you are in good company! Perfect that the latest post is the Target lady. Ha!

World of Wright said...

I voted! You deserve it!