Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mmm-Hmmm... okay, that's fine.... wait, WHAT?

I have two unbelievably chatty children. They don’t even stop to inhale. They talk and breathe in at the same time. There’s no pause.

The worst is when we’re in the car. There’s this perpetual wall of noise coming from the back seat.

It’s…. well, in a word…irritating.

But the worst part is the questions. The non-stop questions.

Jack (my 3 year old) loves to ask the same question over and over and over again. He will ask you the same question until he gets the answer he wants.

So, like any mom whose sanity hangs in the balance, I have started either absent-mindedly agreeing with everything he says or saying Yes to every question he asks.

You know how it is....

There’s nothing but, “Momma can I have that? Momma can I have that? Momma can I have that? Momma can I have that? Momma can I have that?” coming from the back seat.

You feel your patience slipping away, you're about to snap. You're ready to something - ANYTHING - to make him shut UP.

You start mumbling things like, “Mmm-hmmm…. Oh wow…. Okay…. Mmm-hmmm...” just to get him to stop asking the same question over and over again - or at the very least start asking you a new question.

I implemented this method a while ago and it has been very successful for me.

Until today.

Today it all changed.

Why did it change, you ask?

Well, according to Jack, I gave him permission to become a painter.

A painter who specializes in “re-vitalizing” carpeting.

With hot pink paint.

Hot pink, Oil Based paint.


So I’m back to the drawing board. Any suggestions? I think duct tape would work well, but I’ve heard that it’s generally frowned upon as a permanent solution…



World of Wright said...

I've been thinking of getting that skin glue for cuts.

Brazenlilly said...

OK, it is so unfair to post this story without photo documentation of his "art"!

Michelle said...

just one- wait until you get a phone call from a sales person or telemarketer, and hand the phone over. Maybe one of them will tire the other out. Incedentally, my 3 used to be the same way....we even had people travel across 3 aisles in the grocery store to take a look at the kids who wouldn't stop laughing.

Michelle said...

Oops, the people were laughing, the kids were TALKING.

Terri said...

Go camping away from anything you can buy and bring the cousins along so they occupy ALL the time of your kids. Oh yeah. There was even enough open space that they couldn't walk right in front of me and slow down. Camping is great!