Friday, February 13, 2009

In Retrospect, I Probably Should have Known Better...

(Some of you know this story but I’ve been asked to blog about it anyway).

My son Jack (he’s two and a half) loves tractors.

One thing that I have learned is that (according to Jack) there are a lot of vehicles that qualify as a “tractor.”

You’ve got your Bulldozers, your Dump Trucks, your Cherry Pickers, your Transporters, your Fork-Lifts, your Steam-Rollers, your Combines, your Excavators and of course your basic tractor-tractors.

And he loves them all.

He loves to play with tractors, he loves to talk about tractors, he loves to read books about tractors, and he loves, loves, LOVES to look at pictures of tractors on Momma’s computer.

One afternoon he climbs up on the couch next to me and says, “Momma my wanna see tractors on ur compooter.”

“Okay honey!” was my quick reply.

(I love to look at tractors on my computer with him because he gets all snuggly).

So I open my laptop and we start our familiar routine of doing a Google Image Search of “tractor.”

(For those of you unfamiliar with a Google Image Search – you can enter a word or phrase and click on "Search Images" and it will bring up pages and pages of pictures that best match the word/phrase you entered).

So we look at a few pictures of tractors and he asks to see pictures of Bulldozers.

So I enter “Bulldozer” in the search field.

Pages of Bulldozer images pop up and we begin looking at each of them.

After a few minutes of Bulldozer browsing he declares, “My wanna see a backhoe!”

“A what?” I ask.

“A backhoe momma, my wanna see a BACKHOE!”

"Is that a tractor?" I ask with concern building in my voice.

"Yes Momma - My wanna see a backhoe tractor."

Mmmm ‘kay….

I’ve not heard of this particular tractor.

And I have no idea how to spell it.

Did I mention that the images you get on your screen reflect the word you enter in the "Search" field?


So using the correct spelling is kind of a big deal.

I give it my best guess – and click “Search Images.”

Oh dear...

I guess I spelled it wrong.



StephanieJ said...

THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!! I love it! That is SO something that would have happened (or is likely to STILL happen) at my house. Your photo attached is so perfect, too!

Anonymous said...

Is your "safe search filter" on??

shana said...

totallly cracked me up! thanks for the laugh!
enjoy the weekend!

VikingMom said...

Yeah, um, Google Images can be quite the crap never know what you're gonna get. Maybe you should start saving up for all the counseling Jack's gonna need later? :)

Heidi said...


I suppose you're right Laurel.

Only a Mother can do that much damage...

And to Anonymous - yes, the safe search filter is on.... now.

wickedwango said...

oh my word, Heidi! hilarious!! and your attached photo is great!!

Diane Davis said...

i've always wanted to know... you know, when i'm writing to my closest friends... how is that spelled... ho or hoe?

Kristi said...

it's spelled ho Diane. ho.

Brazenlilly said...

LOVE IT! Poor mommy. You are probably scarred as much as he is. Makes a great story, though!

Roni said...

Oh, Heidi, that is hilarious! Wait till he's a teenager. Heh. By the way, your song was awesome this morning!!

SingingShrink said...

awesome picture, awesome story. worth repeating for sure!