Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love watching the Oscars.


Nikki said...

1.) I got teary-eyed when they announced that heath won.
2.) The stage was gorgeous with all of those crystals.
3.) Hugh Jackman did fantastically well.

This year the Oscars have been AMAZING!

Diane Davis said...

i've been underwhelmed. sorry. :(

Brazenlilly said...

Me too! As in me too, I love watching them, not me too underwhelmed. Sorry, Di. (But if I were, I'd rather be underwhelmed than annoyed.) I liked Hugh and liked the five former winners presenting thing. Glad I at least saw Slumdog!

Heidi said...

I didn't see any of the movies this year - but I plan to!

I was so happy to see (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Kate Winslet win. Sigh... I think she's awesome. And when she called out for her Dad, I just cried. It was awesome!

Billy and Laurel said...

Yeah, we were all saps who cried when Kate won. We must do this Oscar thing together again next year. Congrats started a tradition!