Thursday, September 25, 2008

Budget Birthday

Okay readers - I need your help with this one. Hope's 7th birthday is next month and she's already asking me what we're going to do. She doesn't have any preferences - but I do: CHEAP.

Of course I want it to be fun - I'd like to do something creative, but inexpensive too.

So please!! Give me suggestions on creative and cheap party ideas - I am desperate!


Diane Davis said...

why not old fashioned pin the tail on the donkey and cake at your house? those are some good bday party memories!

discomommy said...

For Megan's 5th we had a SUPER FUN pajama party. It was cheap and the girls had a good time. I probably spent $75 total at the most! E-mail me if you want the details!

World of Wright said...

I recommend Costco pizza. Super easy and $10 for a huge pizza. Another fan favorite is to make cup cakes and let the kids decorate them. It eats up a lot of time and you spend like $5 on cake instead of buying a $20 cake. I suggest letting them decorate outside...I learned the hard way :)

Kristi said...

party at your house.
let her plan the menu.

let her paint pictures for decorations.
send out paper to her friends and ask them to draw pictures/paint for decorations...we bring them with us (assuming we get an invite.)

VikingMom said...

What? No major artist coming to headline a show for Hope? No jumpers or live princesses? Nooooo!


I've gotten a little too jaded these days about what people thinks should consitute their child's birthday party. Elaborate gift bags and entertainment that cost $$$'s are starting to wear on my nerves. Therefore...low key and easy is the way to go. I agree with the easy, decorate your own cupcake party at your house kind of party. Slumber parties, at the park kind of parties, even using your friend's house for the parties are all good ones to me. (I should know I use the accetta's house shamelessly all the time for my kid's parties.)

Anonymous said...

My friend just had a party for her daughter's 7th birthay...she had a couple of the moms doing face-painting, a pinata, and a few crafts for the girls to do (Wal-Mart). It was simple and FUN! Low stress!

Michelle said...

Sarah LOVES a fancy tea party periodically. Also, along the decorate your own cupcake idea: a couple of years ago I made caramel apples that the kids decorated with all kinds of yummies: m and m's, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, red hots, etc, etc. (then I sent the apples HOME with them so I didn't have such a sticky mess to deal with. I also like the idea of "good old-fashioned" games: gunny sack races, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. Cheap and fun. Ok, that's my book.

Michelle said...

Ok, my book isn't done. You probably can't so this down there, but in 2 weeks is Joshua's birthday and at our local pool here, it rents out on Sunday afternoons for $50 and hour. We can have up to 40 swimmers for that, otherwise it goes to $75 for the extra lifeguard.