Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back away slowly and nobody gets hurt.

Just a little background: My daughter Hope will be 7 next month and my son Jack is 2 and a half.

They are both profoundly talented at irritating each other. Hope consistenly shines in the role of the bossy big sister while Jack demonstrates his limitless mad skills as the grabby little brother.

You are now up to speed on the Goble Family Dynamic.

So this morning we're racing around trying to get out of the house by 7:45. I'm in Jack's room cleaning it up because we have to have the house "Open-House-Ready" before we leave for church.

Jack is on the loose - and just as it occurs to me that I haven't seen or heard him in a few minutes, I hear commotion coming from Hope's room. I'm not sure what happened, but it must have involved Jack being in forbidden territory because this is what I overheard:

(Hope talking to Jack)

"Arrrgh - Jack, NO! (Jack begins to protest but is quickly shut down by Hope's tirade. Once she is sure that she has his attention, she continues) Now you listen to me little man. My room is the biggest no-no in the entire world! Got it?"

I poke my head of of Jack's room to see Hope standing with her hands on her hips, bending down so that she is nose-to-nose with Jack.

She sees me and stands up quickly (I'm trying to not to laugh out loud at this point) and then she looks down at Jack and says (with a heavy sigh and a much quieter voice)

"Well... okay. My room is the biggest no-no in the entire house."

Sadly, Jack did not gain entry to the Promised Land that is Hope's room. Well, not yet anyway...


Kristi said...

WHAT? Hope yells? This reminds me of the time I caught Austin yelling at Aaron in the hall. He saw me and kinda jumped up and stopped yelling too....

the dream of your perfect children has officially been shattered! :o) But I still love them to death.

Haley has been having a lot of those kinds of "conversations" lately w/Lex too! :o)

VikingMom said...

Gotta love it when the older children boss around the younger ones. (Especially the "perfect" ones!) Austin has an awesome growl that he uses to snap at his siblings. Then's all about the pecking order and of course: they're on top. We're all just a part of their world.

Stacey said...

That's so funny! Compared to what goes on around our house, I think Hope was very diplomatic!!!

Diane Davis said...

hey, she could have said galaxy...