Friday, July 11, 2008

My Flair Haiku

I really love flair

I can’t get enough of it

I'm off to find more.


Kristi said...

I sent you some flair that you should "enjoy"...oh WAIT! You already have... hehehe.

Heidi said...


Roni said...

Okay, so I saw "flair" as the number one thing on your "Raindrops on Roses" list, and now you have flair haiku. Is this flair, like, "she really has a lot of flair," or is it some special meaning of flair that I'm not getting?

Don said...

I'm old and out of the country. May I ask what is flair? Blair's long-lost twin sister?

Heidi said...

Don & Roni: Flair is one of the applications on Facebook.

It's totally awesome.

You should look into it.