Monday, July 7, 2008

Two words that strike terror in the hearts of many...

Eye Drops.


Sarah B. said...

My eyes blink like crazy just reading those words...icky!

VikingMom said...

How about "Root Canal"? Or "Dentist Drill"? Or "Your Bill..."

Sorry. I'm tangenting off of your post and making it all about me. I'm very dental-centric today.

Sorry about the pink-eye striking your house. Ooey-gooey eyeballs are never fun.

Jon in HB said...

What about these two..."President Obama"?

Stacey said...

Amen to that Jon!!! Scary!

discomommy said...

Blech. Bummer. Hope he is better soon. Good luck on your big work presentation today!

Kristi said...

how about these words "John McCain?"

...that was for Jon.

....I hope Jack is better!

Heidi said...

Here's a few more:

Pink eye
No reception
Decaf coffee
No refills

Sarah B. said...

Decaf coffee....augh! That one makes me shiver inside, ugly words!

Don said...

I LOVE eye drops!

1. Intestinal flu - (I'm experiencing the conclusion of that terror at this writing. Three days now)

2. Non-American computer keyboards

3. King Obama

4. Unreadable word verifications

Heidi...I paid $1.50 for a refill the other night at a MacDonalds!! Like the picture of terror on your blog! Cool.