Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seriously? 763 friends? Maybe you should run for public office or something...

So I'm enjoying the Facebook experience. It's fun, it's cool, it's a little bizarre. I found a feature called Classmate Search and found people that I went to junior high with and would have graduated high school with if I hadn't moved to California; people that I have not seen or spoken to in over 20 years. People I remember vividly. VIVIDLY. So far, only ONE person has remembered me. I was glad that at least one of them remembered me but was later disheartened when I read a comment that he wrote on someone's wall stating "I barely remember this Heidi person."

wamp, wamp.

Anyway. The thing that I don't understand is how people can have like 300, 400, 500+ friends. Good grief - that's like the size of the town I grew up in! How do you keep track of that many people? Do you REALLY have that many friends? Do you have a Master's degree in "How to Win Friends and Influence People?" What gives?


VikingMom said...

I totally understand. Just as there are fame whores (can i say that?) there are friend whores. If you barely know their name they consider you to be a friend. As for the vivid remembrance of others, I have the same issue. I asked a few of them to be my friends (and they were at one time) and none of them have even bothered to reply. So, all those hours we spent hanging out together meant nothing. I feel used. Maybe your friends and my friends are just mad at us because we actually left our small towns! Jealous buggars!

Billy and Laurel said...

The nice thing is all of your real friends in life are your real friens on facebook. Accentuate the positive ladies!


Kristi said... are unforgettable...

secondly...i have a good friend that has over 900 friends. one night she was at our house and curtis and i were giving her such a hard time about it. we couldn't believe she would know every one of them. SOOOOO....we QUIZZED her. We would say a first name, and she would give us a last name...and then tell us about them. It was SHOCKING!!! I was quite impressed.

Certain people will have more friends because of their jobs... like she is a youth she knows a lot of people in the age range that use facebook.

So don't feel too bad. It's the friends in REAL LIFE that count anyway! :o)

Heidi said...

I just assume that all the people who don't remember me are somehow affiliated with Starbucks and are therefore participants in the conspiracy designed to get the entire world to forget me.

On the upside - I did get a friend request today. From Two Faced Cosmetics. WTH? See Diane? I even get spam Friend Requests!

Sadly, Two Faced and I have gone our separate ways. Well actually, the friend request is just sitting there, I haven't answered it yet. I thought I'd better leave it there in case I start feeling really insecure about not having any friends. If I do, I can accept it; just so I can see my friend count go up. It's like an "Emergency Friend."

Diane Davis said...

heidi, you could accept the friend request and maybe they will see these comments and you'll all be even on the trash talk. ;)

i have several friends that have over 500 facebook friends... but they are non-hearing and tell me the deaf community is HUGE.

heidi, i'd rather be your spam friend than no friend at all. ;)

Bhaboghure Jhor said...