Friday, February 29, 2008

A Shout out to Springfield

I spent this last week in Springfield Missouri on business. I was dreading it - who wants to go to there? I was pretty confident that there couldn't possibly be anything remotely interesting about such a boring place.
So I did a little research. I found a lot of interesting stuff.

It's the home of more unsolved murders per capita than anywhere in the United States.

It hasSecond-highest number of fast food restaurants per capita in the United States (behind Owensboro, Ky.).

It is the home of cashew chicken

Its Wal-mart Supercenter is the most profitable Supercenter in the country, and was also the site of a celebration for selling the most duct tape of anyplace in the United States.

It gave us the original Bachelor, Aaron Buerge.

It is the home of former Attorney General John Ashcroft

The Federal Medical Center is at the corner of Sunshine Street and Kansas Expressway and has housed Gen. Manuel Noriega, John Gotti (who died there two years ago), Jeffrey Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh, among others.

It is where Trinity Broadcasting Network started.

Jerry Falwell went to school at Baptist Bible College on Kearney Street.

Faith healer Benny Hinn's wife went to Evangel University, which named its basketball arena after John Ashcroft.

It's Brad Pitt's hometown

There are 34 towns and cities with the name “Springfield” in the United States

So it's not so boring afterall...


VikingMom said...

+52558Then again...Brad Pitt moved to California (even Jan and Paul from TBN!). I guess all that would leave is a bunch of murderers and gangsters! With that kind of group things are bound to get interesting. At least in a really really morbid way.

VikingMom said...

Please excuse the random numbers. Travis spilled milk on the keyboard this morning and the number keys were stuck! I was trying to put my password in to post and apparently the numbers decided to jump out of the "password" box and decorate my comment.

My apologies.

Heidi said...

Ooooh - so now all of us know your password.

discomommy said...

Hmmmm...interesting place. Still not interested in visiting though.