Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crazy Man, Crazy Man, Crazy Man, Jack

Crazy man, crazy man, crazy man, Jack
Loves to give mommy a heart attack
Running into walls
and falling on his face
Spreading mass chaos
All over the place.
He’s always into everything
And constantly on the go
I’m forever saying “Don’t touch that”
And “Stop it, Jack! That’s a no-no.”

Crazy man, crazy man, crazy man, Jack
With his beautiful smile
And heart of gold
The sound of his laughter
Will never get old.
He drives me nuts,
He drives me wild
But I couldn’t be happier
That he is my child.
I love him with everything
He’s my little boy
And in spite of the “No-No’s” and “Stop It’s”
He brings me pure joy.


Kurt said...

I second that

VikingMom said...

Heidi! You're a poet...I didn't know it! :) It is a very cute poem. Maybe Kurt could put that to music and you could sing that at the next baby dedication at church. :)

(P.S. You could swap out "Jack" with "Travis" and it would apply perfectly to our family as well."

Kristi said...

aren't they the best? i laughed all the way to the car when lexi was "running" and saying "fast, fast, fast." we are so blessed aren't we?

Stacey said...

I love the little wild-man Jack! What a cutie!