Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Confession: Part IV

This one may cost me some of my friends....

I am surrounded by stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, non-fat friends, family and co-workers.


I feel chronically full-fat and unattractive around all these beautiful people.

Obviously the solution is quite simple: diet and exercise.

But, seeing as how I pride myself on my creativity and innovative thinking, I decided to take a new approach at dealing with my feelings regarding my appearance.

Instead of focusing on myself, I've begun focusing on everyone else (after all, it's not good to be so self-absorbed).

So how is focusing on everyone else going to improve my appearance?

It's simple.

Here's the gift I gave all my beautiful, gorgeous non-fat friends and co-workers.

I plan to continue with this type of gift-giving for the next several years.

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and you DIDN'T receive this gift from me, it's not because I think you're full-fat - it's because I ate yours.


Sarah B. said...

Your stinking gorgeous, so shut up!
(Please don't tell my kids I used those words or they will tell on me).

ThriceBlessed said...

LOL... you're hilarious! I should give that same gift to all my skinny friends!

World of Wright said...

Christmas is the time for giving and YOU my friend are a true giver!
Mind if I steal this idea???

Mom of 5 said...

I gave brownies to all our friends too with a little tag that said "Christmas is Jolly
Christmas is sweet
But we're stinkin' busy
So make your own treat!"

Everyone loved it and I LOVE your take on it because it serves 2 purposes!!

P.S. You are not fat. You are gorgeous!!

Merry Christmas!

Kristi said...

HAHAHA! HILARIOUS! :) I guess I should say thank you for my brownies. Although, I agree with Sarah in that you are gorgeous...especially in purple tops (wink wink)!

Angie said...

Haha that made me giggle. What a good idea... don't lose weight, just make the people around you fat! Totally trying it next year.