Thursday, January 22, 2009

I think it's Perfectly Normal; Part XVI

Actually, this situation probably isn't perfectly normal - but I think my response to the situation is perfectly normal.

So there.

Whenever I'm in a room full of people and it gets really quiet - my stomach decides to growl.

Like, really loud.

Seriously - it sound like a semi is driving through the center of the room. It's so embarassing.

So I fake a coughing fit to cover up the noise.

People still stare at me with these looks of sheer suprise, but at least it's because they're concerned about my health - and not because they think I'm hungry all the time.

I think it's perfectly normal.


Kristi said...

i might have been known to cough to cover up "other sounds".

Heidi said...

Yeah... I have to be careful because the coughing fit can cause those "other sounds" to which you are referring (if you're not careful).

An unfortunate by-product to an otherwise perfect cover-up.

shana said...

thanks for the good laugh to start my day! enjoy the weekend!

World of Wright said...

You don't want to cover up all sounds with a cough because a cough might make some sounds louder.

discomommy said...

My belly has been sounding like a freight train since my questionable chinese dinner. Ir was really awkward at lunch yesterday when I still didn't feel like eating and my tummy was making all sorts of wonderful sounds. At least I was amongst friends. They let it slide.

The Craftypigs said...

I think you should take the Jeff Foxworthy approach when your tummy growels and say, "dijaeatyet?" "yaunto?"

Or you could pretend you have your pet in your pocket and just talk to it like we do our kids, "Buster, now, you be quiet in there. I told you if you got to come there would be no backtalk." blah blah.

Okay, it's early I'm still on my first cup of coffee.