Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Loud & Proud

Hope has been coming to work with me this week.

Every time she uses the restroom she sings at the top of her lungs.

You can hear her all the way down the hall.

It's awesome.


Diane Davis said...

i love your hope and jack stories.

Brazenlilly said...

Your kids sound so cool. :) I'm Kristi's friend Jen Bunch-Tompkins, and I'm an occasional blog-stalker. I want to know where you get all your cool pictures!

Heidi said...

Hello Jen - greetings from one fellow blog-stalker to another. : ) Yes, I stalk your blog as well. Your brand new baby girl is gorgeous!

So the pictures.... I kind of get them from all over. Google images mainly. Sometimes you get really good stuff, sometimes - not so much. And I can't stress the importance of spelling. My son Jack loves to look at pictures of tractors, so I'll google them and he'll sit with me and look at them. Well, one of his favorite tractors is a backhoe. Perhaps you can see where this is going.... Yeah... That is one word, you do NOT want to spell incorrectly when doing an image search with your 2 year old sitting next to you.

So search with caution - and a spell checker! : )

Brazenlilly said...

Ouch! That sounds painfully awkward! I had a similar experience with Carson, who likes to look at videos on YouTube of things like horses running, Clifford, babies laughing, etc. I'll bet you didn't know that some sick people make some really dirty parodies of Blues Clues and Curious George. Oops!

Diane Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diane Davis said...

The deleted comment is mine, because I found about four typos. Isn't it nice of me to tell you it was me who deleted the comment? Otherwise don't you wonder if someone posted something offensive and then changed their mind and it just drives you crazy to know what was so inappropriate that it needed to be deleted?

Anyways, my real comment is that i think that this story of the tractors is blog worthy and too good to leave here. after all, i might be the only one who not only stalks your blog, but i stalk the comments too. if you said i need a life i wouldn't argue.