Friday, May 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things

The last week has been very busy. Here’s a list of some of my new favorite things (in no particular order):

1. Pandora Radio
2. No Country for Old Men
3. Peonies
4. Automatic Pencils
5. Mini Sharpies
6. Enchanted
7. Running the Switcher
8. Spider Solitaire
9. Coffee with KT
10. People emailing me to make sure I'm still alive because I haven't blogged in "forever" (Hello, it's only been a week people)
11. A Double Tall Decaf Sugar Free Vanilla Cappucino (sadly, it has to come from Starbucks - and they still don't remember my name even though my drink is super high maintenance now)
12. Coldplay
13. Watching and laughing as the idiot who just cut me off and flipped me off gets pulled over (is that bad?)
14. People who wink when they talk (well..... it would actually be more accurate to say that one of my favorite things is to invent reasons WHY people wink when they talk and then tell everybody what my reasons are - as though they are actual reasons; wink-wink).
15. The freedom that came from finally telling the "Dude, those are some Big Panties" story.
17. The product line "Big Sexy Hair"


Stacey said...

#12 is awesome!!!!! How lucky are you that you actually saw him get pulled over! I love it!

i missed your blogs too!

VikingMom said...

#12 definitely is a satisfying experience! We saw that happen on our way to Phoenix.

By the way it was 8 days...that's longer than a week. I'll forgive you for the math error!

Diane Davis said...

i've been missing your blog too...

Kristi said...

um...what about coffee with kristi?

Heidi said...

it's there, it's there. :)

Jon in HB said...

I LOVE pandora radio!!!
and I too just watched no country old men - great movie, Gina fell asleep, too slow for her.

Stacey said...

OK, did you add some stuff to your list, or did I just get so side-tracked with you getting the last laugh on the jerk guy that I missed your last item? Did you buy some Big Sexy Hair hairspray? Fun stuff.

Kristi said...


John B said...

Here, here to #'s 1, 2, 4, 5 and 12. As for #13 - that's just awesome.

And in re: # 7 - welcome to world of directing / td'ing!!